How to Choose a College Trustee Board Member

Posted on: 26 January 2017

When it comes to the success of a college, the board of trustees plays a major role in every aspect of how the school is being run. It is important to make sure newly elected trustees have the right kind of ethics for making a positive impact on the school. Several things should be considered before a trustee is elected. This article covers a few of the ethics that a trustee should have to be considered as a good prospect for joining the board. 

1. Upholds Integrity When a Wrong Is Committed

Having integrity is one of the most important traits that a trustee should possess. For example, the trustee must have the ability to uphold other people for their wrongdoings, even if he or she is close to them. The trustee should be able to come up with the best solution for reprimanding the person that is being accused. It is also important for the trustee to have enough integrity to take responsibility for his or her own wrongdoings in the organization.

2. Able to Work as a Team to Develop Policies

Teamwork is necessary in order for a trustee to be a good board member. He or she must have the ability to listen to other board members without being biased about what they are saying. A trustee should always be willing to give consideration to the suggestions of other board members when it comes to developing policies. Being overly opinionated can lead to conflict among board members, which isn't in the best interest of the school.

3. Makes Wise Decisions for Handling Finances

The ability to make plans for how school finances are handled is one of the skills that a trustee should have. Board members should basically be able to come up ways to make sure finances are spent in a way that does not lead to hardships for the school. For example, the money should be spent on things around the school that are necessary, such as making repairs.

4. Seen as Trustworthy by the Student Body

A board member should be someone that the student body can trust. He or she should have a personality that makes students feel as though they can talk to him or her when problems arise. The trustee should be able to help students resolve conflicts with professors in the most cordial way possible. A trustworthy board member can basically keep harmony in the school.

For more information about the traits you should look for in college board members, talk to Katharine Hamilton.