4 Examples Of Cathleen Galgiani Cleaning Up Crime In California

Posted on: 14 June 2016

It's one thing to speak out against crime, but in politics it's important to have a track record. Senator Cathleen Galgiani can let her work and legislation speak for itself. She has authored or co-sponsored many bills aimed at keeping members in the Central Valley safe. Below is a list of 4 of the more important issues she has been involved with.

Funding For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Galgiani was instrumental in increasing the revenue for the Stanislaus Family Justice Center. The center is located in Stanislaus country, California, which experiences domestic violence issues at a rate that is ¼ more than the statewide average. The area also has a high child welfare and elder abuse problem. The new legislation provides more money for the Justice Center by allowing the Center to charge more for records. This money will in turn be used to allow the Center to continue to aid  victims of domestic violence in the region.

Combating Identify Theft In The Medi-Cal System

The Cali-Med system was in need of a change because of the problem of identify theft. Hospital administrators would often collect and record the social security numbers of patients. They would do this because the patients did not have their Medi-Cal cards on them and did not know their numbers by heart. The use of social security numbers was a problem because it led to identity theft and massive insurance fraud that ended up costing the taxpayers money.

Galgiani was instrumental in the success of a bipartisan bill that eliminated the use of social security cards in the Medi-Cal system. The bill not only eliminated the use of social security numbers, but it called for the formation of an advanced computer database that hospitals could use to find the patients Medi-Cal number in the event that the individual did not have it on their person.

Protecting Kids From Online Predators

Galgiani teamed up with former Facebook executive Chris Kelly in creating a bill which requires sex offenders to register their online screen names, social media accounts, emails, and their ISP. This information is then handed over to social media sites such as Facebook in order to help them monitor and remove predators.

Fighting Against Bath Salts

Synthetic drugs, commonly called "bath salts", are a scourge on the people of California. These drugs are made in labs that are hidden in warehouses. They used to be sold openly in small convenience stores because the chemicals used were not classified as illegal. Kids, and adults, would buy these packets of chemicals and not have any fear of arrest. The drugs were unsafe, with potentially homicidal side effects.

Galgiani was involved in bill SB 1283, which made it illegal to possess or use the drugs. This was a major step in ending the open use of such a dangerous drug.