Tips For Creating A Microblogging Engagement Campaign

Posted on: 20 January 2016

If you are running for office, you are going to need to connect with the people who might be voting for you. One way to connect with people, especially with younger people, is to run a microblogging engagement campaign. Microblogging is a form of social media that allows you to post very short messages, or a few words followed by an image, to a feed. Other people can follow you to read your feed and can direct messages specifically at you. You can then respond to those messages if you choose to. Here are some tips for making a successful microblogging engagement campaign.

1. Set Up a System for Answering Direct Posts

Your first step is to set up a system that will allow you to answer direct posts. If you are running for local office, your goal should be to answer all of the posts by a certain time each day in order to be sure that you don't miss anyone. If you are running a smaller campaign and only have a single campaign consultant and a host of volunteers, direct one volunteer to be the person that answers your direct posts. If you have a larger campaign, you might want to get a social media specialist to do the job.

2. Ask Your Followers Questions

Every so often, ask your followers questions and encourage them to answer your questions. If you are running for your local school board, consider asking your followers what are the biggest changes they'd like to see in the school system or what's their favorite part of the current school system. This will help people connect with you and help build a community around your campaign as people come together to answer your questions.

Make sure that you create a hashtag that will help link all of your microblogging posts together so that people who answer one of your questions can see the other answers that people have already posted by searching the tag.

3. Determine Your Campaign's Tone

Regardless of whether you are answering the direct posts yourself or if one of your volunteers is, you will need to determine a consistent tone for your campaign's responses. This tone should be in line with your real-world campaign. For example, if you pride yourself on concise speeches and sticking to the absolute facts, you need to be sure that your microblogging posts and responses are short and to the point. If you are trying to exude a friendlier air, you should make your responses and post reflect this as well.

4. Post Often

Try to post once or twice a day at least in order to be sure that your followers stay engaged and that you pick up new followers. Post links to articles that you find interesting and that help your campaign. Try to make the content that you post interesting and helpful in order to increase the chances that people recommend that their friends follow you as well.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in political campaign consulting. They will be able to recommend more strategies for you.